How to…and where…and when?

Essentially, what’s the difference between a skateboard and a longboard? A longboard is longer than a skateboard. Besides there are many different shapes as well as trucks and wheels. It depends on what you wanna do with your longboard. The hardware for a skateboard is not that complex.

And what is cruiser? A cruiser is a short board to cruise around. It’s light and easy to transport on your bag, but on the other hand it’s a bit wobbly.

What can I do with my skateboard? There are three disciplines. What you can see quite often is “Street-Skateboarding”. The skater uses stairs, rails and different obstacles in the skatepark to do tricks. Then you can skate in a bowl, it looks like a round, empty swimming-pool. The halfpipe is – easy – a half pipe.

What can I do more with my longboard aside from cruising around? Usually you notice longboards, when you see people cruising in the streets. But then there is dancing. You do different steps on the board. It looks like dancing. Moreover you can go downhill on a hill or mountain. You go really fast and do slides to brake. It’s similar to freeride, where you ride down hills – but it’s softer. At last there is slalom and carving.

How much is a skateboard or a longboard? A complete skateboard coasts around 80-100 €. If you’re lucky, you find a friend with an old skateboard in their cellar. A skateboard from a supermarket is cheaper, but it’s no fun! A longboard is about 300 €. This is not cheap, especially if you just wanna try it first. But really, it’s not fun to longboard, when it’s hard to steer and when it’s slow.

Where can I find used longboards? There is not a well organized-Longboard-market-or-shop. But on Facebook there are groups, where you find used stuff: BeastyBoard-Flowmarkt and in Berlin Longboard Berlin. Ebay Kleinanzeigen is also a popular site.

Can I test out a Board somewhere? Shops offer the possibility to test the board on street before buying. Usually you have the possibility to rent a Board for one day or over the weekend. When you join one of our workshops, you also can try out different boards.

Can I ride my Board when the streets are wet? Well, it’s better when you don’t. It’s slippery under the wheels and on your griptape. Then under wet conditions the bearings start to rust. On the other hand, a wet ground makes it easier to slide. So if this what you wanna do, do it!

How to step on the Board? To step on the board, take your position next to the board. Do not just jump on the board, not yet ;) If your right foot is forward (called goofy), you stay left to the board. If your left foot is forward (called regular), you stay on the right. Step on the board with your front foot. The foot is in moving direction and on top of the screws. Remember yourself to bend your knees. To get on the board, you put your back foot on the board, also on top of the the screws, but not in moving direction. The feet are not parallel yet. But they should. Therefore turn around your front foot parallel to the other. This is the basic position.

What is pushing? This is the regular technique to move forward. Both on the longboard and the skateboard. The front foot stay on the board, while the back foot is on the ground to push your board forward.

What is pumping? This is another technique, but only possible with the longboard. Instead of putting one foot off the board, you move forward by shifting your weight.

How to brake? You brake by grinding the back foot over the ground. This needs a bit practise, when you’re not balanced on the board. But don’t give up, it’s important ;)

Does it not take a long time, until I’m able to ride? To ride the board and cruise around is not that bad to learn. For the beginning all you need is balance on your board.

Am I too old to start boarding? You can start boarding in every age. Of course, to learn something new is easier, when you’re a kid. But don’t worry and don’t stress yourself! Boarding is not about competition, it’s about the feeling free, so have fun!

Is it forbidden to ride on streets? By law it’s forbidden, yes. Skateboards and Longboards are classified as toys. That’s why you have to – you’re even allowed – to use the pavement. For sure, be carefull with the people there, but if someone grumbles, you’re in the right.

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