Where are cool places in Berlin to longboard? Hot spots are the Tempelhof Field and the Hasenheide . The Park at Gleisdreieck or Görlitzer Park does not offer as much space, but they’re central and have a good atmosphere. At Teufelsberg you’ll find other downhill Boarder. Moreover you’ll find a spot between Oberbaumbrücke and Ostkreuz, where you have a nice view on the Spree. At night I recommend you to go to tourist spots such as Potsdamer Platz, the main railway station, the 17th of June Street, the place behind the O2 hall or in front of the matrix. It’s nice there, because the Flat is often very good and the area is sufficiently illuminated. Otherwise, just use biking trails or any little busy street. The main thing is a smooth ground. Here you find a lot of routes for longboarder.

And where in Berlin can I go for skateboarding? It depends on whether you wanna skate Street, Bowl or halfpipe. If you look for skate parks with obstacles, just walk around you neighborhood. You’ll find a lot in Berlin. The nice thing about skateboarding is that you can use your environment. In the skate park at Gleisdreieck are two bowls. If you wanna skate in a hall, there is the indoor skate park Berlin and the Mellow Park. At Mellow Park there’s a regular girls session on Monday.

Are there spots in Berlin where I can ride when it rains? For the skateboarders among you, the indoor skate park in Berlin Friedrichshain and the Mellow Park can be recommended. A popular spot for longboarders, especially when it rains or snow, is the Velodrom. Car parks are also a popular location, but be aware of the guards who might call the police.

Where can I rent a longboard and how expensive is it? Longboards are available in many shops, for example in Lassrollen , Funky Summer and ETE clothing. There you pay between 8-10 € per day. Think of the deposit, you also have to pay. At Pinkhaus Berlin close to the Tempelhofer Field you just find “real” Boards (as they said; ulala; what they mean are Skateboards and Cruiser)

Which shop you recommend to buy a board? Shops where you can buy Longboards are Lassrollen, Funky Summer or Premiumlongboards. If you wanna support regional production, you’re right at Langbrett Berlin. Skateboard shops I recommend you are Search&Destroy in Kreuzberg or Barrio in Friedrichshain. Never go to Titus at Alex to buy a board. They just try to sell their clothes to tourists, but they have no idea of boards. Be aware that only men will advise you (do an evidence photo, if you once see a women).

What about these groups of longboarders you can sometimes see on street? How can I join them? These are so called Rollrunden (rolling rounds), which are regularly organized by longboard shops. They start at the shop and then ride through the streets of Berlin. It’s a lot of fun and an awesome feeling to be in this group. Don’t be shy to take part, you don’t need to register, it’s free and nobody’s juding you. You should be able to controll your board to participate. So what you need: an own board, a bit of stamina, and being able to handle braking and pushing fast. Nevertheless newbies are always welcomed and they’ll take care of you. It’s worth it! Here you can find current dates.

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