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Hey, I’m Mitzi . I do skateboarding since I am 19 years old.

When I moved to a new city, I was looking for other people to connect with. So I started skateboarding. From the first day I had my gang and I was constantly outside skateboarding. I was the only girl who skatet, in a city with 300,000 inhabitants. That’s an odd thing, isn’t it? After a long pause and injuries I started in Berlin with the longboarding. It’s a big deal in life, it’s my thing. What’s yours? And you’re doing it?

In this blog I want to encourage you to do own your thing – even if it’s different from conventions and role models.

I know, what I’m speaking about. I was confronted thousands of times, adviced to do something „real“ or better not to be myself.

In Berlin I met many who wanted to try out boarding, but they didn’t know how or they were too shy. I was asked more and more to give a workshop, so I did. It was an amazing feeling, when some of the girls bought a board later and started to ride.

Women who ride? At that time, when I was on fire, I got a manicure set for Christmas instead of „something with skating“. I cried, probably because I wasn’t taken serious in my passion. Today I regret that I was pushed into my role as a woman.

But I do not want to sit at home, just be nice and be good, while the life passes me by. I want to be part of it. And that’s what skating does: It takes you outside, it put you in motion and brings you together with people. It is culture, adventure and the feeling of freedom. But it is also a sport which is very dominated by boys and men. As a women you’re confronted to be not a „typical“ women. But I think, if it makes people happy to skate, they should be able to do it (here I’ll help you with it). It’s the same with everything else. I think, to be a woman shouldn’t be the reason, to go your own way, to travel, to experience adventures or to work independently.

With my board I was already on several places. From mid-November I escape the German winter and give you report from California.

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Mitzi Gleispark


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